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1 The Star Pirate's Folly

The Star Pirate’s Folly

Book 1 of the Surface Trilogy

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Humans have spread themselves far and wide throughout the Milky Way. Man-made gateways between the stars enabled rapid expansion to the most desirable star systems.

This rush for resources and territory led to a bloody colonists’ rebellion and the destruction of many interstellar gates. The people of the planet Surface, a “mirror Earth” orbiting a yellow star at the distant fringes of colonized space, were cut off from the great empire for decades. Leaders rose and fell. Heroes and villains were born, lived, and died. History unfolded far from the influence of Earth.

In the wake of these events, a young orphan girl has embarked on a quest for violent retribution. Six years old when her mother was murdered, Bee endured an unforgiving adolescence on the streets of Overlook City, the most populous domed settlement on the planet Surface. Bee scraped by however she could, always searching for the man responsible, knowing one day she’d find him.

Mother would never let Bee have peace until she found a way.

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