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And That’s Why the “Intellectual Dark Web” Is A Ridiculous Group of People

We Demand to Be Taken Seriously

Intellectual Dark Web? What the hell is that?

I’m confused, too. I kept hearing this term all week and finally sat down to look into it. The “Intellectual Dark Web,” or IDW as they’ve taken to calling themselves, are a bunch of well-funded political and social commentators who are trying to muddy the waters between “left” and “right” politics. This article from the New York Times was my first introduction to the group.

Among the ranks of the “IDW” (which sounds like a bunch of wannabe super-villains to me): Dave Rubin, Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, Ben Shapiro, Joe Rogan, Douglas Murray, James Damore, and Eric and Bret Weinstein.

Most of these people are firmly on the conservative side of the spectrum when it comes to economic issues, but tend to be more socially liberal. Dave Rubin is who I think is basically the ringleader of the whole thing (even though it seems to be a loosely affiliated group without firm boundaries). If you don’t know who he is, let me explain.

Dave tries to pretend he’s on the left by calling himself a “classical liberal” and speaking generally in ways that centrists and leftists might find appealing. He pretends that his ideas were being suppressed on the left by horrible nasty SJWs and that’s where he gets his whole “I just want a free and open exchange of ideas” shpiel. In reality, he’s funded by the Koch brothers to push right-wing libertarian ideas in a setting that liberals find appealing. Actual leftists just disagree with these ideas, and that’s why Dave lost credibility among them.

(Youtube) Sam Seder’s Majority Report: Who Needs Patreon When You Have the Koch Brothers?

(Youtube) The Progressive Voice: Dave Rubin Before Selling Out to Koch Brothers Vs After

This “Intellectual Dark Web” just smacks of something that Dave Rubin thinks is really cool and edgy. Frankly, it’s kind of pathetic to pretend that he’s having his ideas suppressed when in reality it’s mostly valid criticism of his attempt to mask right-wing ideology with left-wing candy-coating. Sure, there are leftists who take the SJW speech-police thing too far, but I’m much more worried about the ACTUAL right-wing takeover of all three branches of our government than people protesting unpopular opinions on a college campus.

Where’s the free and open exchange of ideas with actual leftists? Why is it only people like Peterson, Shapiro, Harris, and fucking Seb Gorka? Sam Seder has invited you repeatedly onto the Majority Report to have an honest discussion and clear the air about all of this, but Dave Rubin is afraid to do it because he might have to have an actual discussion instead of nodding along to whatever his guests say.

It’s because Dave Rubin is a hack. The only free speech he gets upset over is right-wing free speech. And this whole IDW thing is just an attempt to rebrand as a ragtag underdog group fighting for free speech against the terrible might of leftist repression.

Give me a break. Call in to the Majority Report and prove me wrong, Dave!

2 thoughts on “And That’s Why the “Intellectual Dark Web” Is A Ridiculous Group of People

  1. Jesus, do you have one proper link to support your claim that Rubin is funded by the Koch brothers? The cooperation with them does not mean he is funded and I’m not sitting through Youtube videos. So what is the evidence? Or are you just spreading lies?


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